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Why create this "Build a Business Website Cheap" Website?

Guy at Computer building a Business Web Site Cheap
Hi and Welcome to the new Site!

I am Gene, the "Creator" of this new business web site building Site and several others. (No, I am not the attractive and proud girl in the above Photo! -- there will be a photo of me somewhere here, however.)

My Website Design & Construction Experience

I have been building Websites (cheap) for over 20 years. So far, have built 2 "organization" sites, a Service & Links Site, and in the recent few years, 4 Vacation Guide Business Sites. (Am still "building" on all 4) Two of the 4 Vacation Guide Business Sites have grown to the top 1 or 2% traffic Ranking by Alexa, a recognized Site Traffic Ranking Authority, within less than a year. The "biggest" Site with the most pages -- -- is now in the top 1/2 % Traffic Ranking and gets 90,000 - 110,000 Site Page Views per month from usually over 50,000 Site Visitors per month in the main US vacation planning months. (It would probably be considerably higher but for an important "mistake" I made at the very beginning - more on that below.)

How can this "How To" Site help You?

The intent is for this "Build a Business Website Cheap" Site to help you to save a LOT of the "learning curve" time I spent and for you to NOT have to make some of the (sometimes costly) mistakes I made "discovering" the web site creating and building process along the way -- Via this online Business Web Site Building Guide, Site Software and Hosting "Reviews," and categorized Business Site Building Tips Tips

Free Vs Cheap Business Web Site Hosting
- Comparison Reviews

I have now had considerable experience with "Free," "Basic Cheap," and "Affordable Integrated Package" Site Hosting. (Free hosting, incidently, is NOT recommended for a Business Web Site for reasons we will talk about later.) Don't worry -- there are three "cheap but good" and "affordable package" reliable site hosting alternatives available I've discovered that you can check out on our new Reviews of Top Pick Cheap Integrated or very Basic Website Hosting page!

Best Free or Cheap Website Building Software?
- Reviews + Affiliate Income

The free download Website Building Software, cheap (but reliable) Website Hosting Companies, Building Site Traffic Guide
Tips, and Website Affiliate and Ad income Sources and Tips here are from my own good and bad organization and business web site experiences + those from sites I have worked on in a consulting capacity in recent years. (For example, you can see the great free software that I discovered in my research on our Free Vs Cheap Website Building Software Downloads page.)

Your Website Building Software Comments and Suggestions on our
Gene Seecann Sites Comment Form Page

- Please send your Website Building Software comments or suggestions -- or share your own Build a Business Website Favorite Tips and Free, Cheap, and Affordable Software Download Links. Please mention which web page you are commenting on -- or your over-all comments on our Building Business Websites Guide. We appreciate your feedback!

Pick a Site Topic you are excited about

It takes a LOT of work to build a business website you will be proud of -- and that you can "Monetize" or get income from. In addition, it is usually several months up to over a year before you start to see enough Site traffic for any significant income "rewards" for all your work.

So in general, find a topic for your website that you are very interested in Vs one that you have read is a "hot" money-making topic to build a business website for. See Tips on selecting a good "niche" topic to build the content for your business website on our "How to Select a Domain Name" for Your Business Web Site page. -- (and see the big mistake I made early on.)

Well, thats enough talk,
lets get to creating your affordable business Web Site!

The list of the pages currently on this Build a Business Website Cheap Site is below. Some of the additional pages to come are in the Link Bar to the left.

Select Domain Name for Your Business Web Site page - The step by step process is explained. See Tips on the very important process of selecting a good "nitche" topic to build the content for your business website.

New Cheap Web Site Hosting - This page now includes some "Reviews," Info, and Links on our three top picks for Quality Affordable Web Site Hosting Companies and comparisons between Affordable Full Integrated Hosting Packages and Cheap Basic DIY Hosting with add-ons.

Our "Reviews" of Top Pick Easy Website Design Software - Easy to learn and use downloadable Free & Cheap Website Building and Page Editing Software

New Protect Your Online Info Page with some Simple Tips to Protect your Online Personal Info and keep your Personal Data Secure + Tips & Links on Protecting your Kids & Teens Security Online + some related Online Security Business Site article links and Tips on Marketing -- NOT Spamming! -- Via Social Networking Sites

How to Build a Business Web Site Cheap Home Page - this page - Free downloadable Business Web Site Building E-books and Articles, Free and cheap building web site software reviews, Business Web Site Hosting Options + Picking Site and Build a Business Website Topic Keyword Tools, Links, Reviews, and Tips.

These are the Build a Business Website Cheap pages so far - Check out the free e-Books & Courses + useful tools and Links on the "Select a Domain Name" page above to get you started with ideas and
Tips Tips for building your Site. Enjoy the journey, as well as the destination. Gene Seecann

To our first US Vacation Guide "Business" Web Site's - "Site Creation Story: Who - Why - How? -- at our "Picture Enhanced" Affordable US Beach Vacations Guide Site:

You can also check out our fairly new seasonal US Mountain Fall Vacations Site at:

Our fairly new US Vacation & Travel Web Site at:

Our new just started Site: Colorado Scenic Mountain Drives - links and descriptions for all 4 of our "Picture Enhanced" Vacation Sites Plus our many Picture / Screensaver pages & High Resolution Photos -- easy to remember to come back to any of our US Vacation & Travel Sites!

Or to our Web Sites Listing & descriptions page similar to the GoUSVacations one above. It also includes links to this Build a Business Website Cheap Web Site.

Thanks for dropping by -- come back and visit us soon to plan how to create your new Affordable Business Website -- or to check out our latest Free Download Web Site Tool + free e-book and article additions.

To Contact Gene, the Creator of Build-a-Business-Website-Cheap, use the link below. We will not share, sell, or spam your e-mail - Promise!!!

Contact Us using the Fill in "Contact Me" Form on this Gene Seecann Contact Us page. (This Web page also has Links and Descriptions for all of Gene's US Vacation Guide Web Sites.)
-- Contact Gene

Please send your comments or suggestions -- We appreciate your input! Thanks.

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