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Picking Your Site Domain Name

Finding your Niche - How to Select a Domain Name for your Site - Including Analyzing Keyword Demand & Supply

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Web Page Building & Editing Software

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Building Web Site Traffic

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Cheap Site Hosting - Web Site Design and "Building" factors to consider

-- Integrated Features "Package" or Basic Internet Site Hosting with Add-ons

This page now includes some "Reviews," Info, and Links on our three top picks for Quality Affordable Web Site Hosting Companies and comparisons between Affordable Full Integrated Hosting Packages and Cheap Basic Do It Yourself put the add on Hosting options together Web Site Hosting.

The Integrated Total Package Solution - includes Wordtracker data!

The Integrated Site Building & Hosting Package of Site Build It (SBI) also has an easy to use version of Wordtracker built into their "Brainstormer" module which is included free with their total "Site Hosting -- plus everything else you need to build and maintain a business web site" package.

I have discovered it takes much less time to research and choose new Site and page topic Keywords with Brainstormer and the other keyword research tools integrated with it than when using Wordtracker directly. The Brainstormer help screens are also very good with a lot of Tips for choosing good keywords for your site.

Here is a short "Quick Tour" slide show on he features of the Integrated Site Building and Hosting Package. Or you can choose the more comprensive Video version with examples. (It is what I am using to build 2 of the 3 vacation sites mentioned before. I have now built the 3rd vacation guide site for over a year using Basic GoDaddy Hosting + one TrafficBlazer add-on for the home page and using Wordtracker and other tools for Keyword research. I may consider transferring that Site to SBI when I find more time to work on it and add more pages.)

This link goes to the online version of the actual full 10-step "Action Guide" that comes with the SBI package so you can skim it over and see more details on the comprehensive Integrated Package -- and the step by step instructions to help you build a successful Business Web Site -- with "Traffic" you can "monitize." -- the final and fun "Ka-ching" part of the process.

Brainstorm-It -- to keep YOUR brain from getting tired!

The "Brainstorm-It" module included with the SBI Integrated package includes a very easy to use and powerful version of Wordtracker + some other very helpful Keyword research tools to pick your Site Domain Name and build your own Site's "Master Keyword List."

Picking your Site's Main Concept and registering your Site Domain name are on Step ("Day") 5 of the 10 Step Action Guide linked to above. The Site Domain Name registration fee is also included in the price, but you are encouraged to select your domain sometime after you have purchased the all-inclusive SBI hosting package -- after you have researched a Site Topic and Keywords using the Brainstorm-it module.

SBI Brainstorm It Screen Shot wth a Individual Page keyword phrase
Brainstorm-it-screen-shot with "Cheap Site Hosting"
The "Value Demand" (Demand for the Keyword Phrase) and "Real Supply"(# of competing Sites for Keyword Phrase) columns data above combine in a formula to give the potential "Profitability." -- which is a helpful indication of which keywords to select for your Site pages!

Notice the Keyword phrase for this page, "cheap site hosting" has fairly good "Value Demand" and fairly low "Real Supply" and the highest "Profitability" score in the 4 keyword phrases shown in the SBI Brainstormer screenshot above. That keyword phrase is in the filename and in the top title for this page.

- This is NOT Rocket Science! You do not have to be a "Tech" to build a successful Business Web Site if you use the right tools!

Very Full featured Site Hosting + Wordttracker Data and More

This link goes to a detailed Feature List of the SBI Integrated Hosting package. (Click the "What's new and for what ---" link in the blue box about half way down on the page for a updated complete list including the several new integrated features added in the last year. The total package price has remained the same, which has suprised and pleased me.)

I use SBI Web Site Full Integrated hosting for both my Memorable-Beach-Vacations Site and my Mountain-Fall-Foliage-Vacations Site.

BlueHost Affordable, but yet full featured Site Hosting

BlueHost Web Site Hosting continually gets very high reviews, and despite their long feature list, is still a very affordable Web Site Hosting option. Most Business Websites will probably not be using a blog, but if you wish to use a Blog with your Business Web Site, should be your first choice for integrating a WordPress Blog with your Business Web Site. Even if you will not be using a Blog, it is a Top Pick Web Site Hosting Company to consider.

The customer support of Blue Host gets very good reviews from Users, plus they have a comprehensive list of features for their $6.95/Month price if you sign up with a 3 year prepaid contract. (12 month prepaid plan is $8.95/month - 24 month prepaid plan is $7.95/Month) The Bluehost price also includes your Site Domain name, as does SBI above. Blue Host is a very good full featured option for hosting your new business Web Site. Check out Features of

-- OR --

GoDaddy Cheap Basic Site Hosting or "Build a Website Tonight" + add-on extras

I have also used a couple of the Basic Cheap Hosting Plans. They offer an optional add-on "Search Engine Visibility" module that costs a fixed $29.99 per year per web page that you purchase it for. (Search Engine Visibility works fine, but it is largely a "apply the results yourself" application process - not really integrated. A minimum # would be one for your Home - index.html page. Another one or two for a few more of your Site pages would probably be better if you have over 5 pages on your Business Web Site.

The Search Engine Visibility add-on module has a "Keyword Generator," however it cannot be used to research your initial main Site Domain Name, since that domain name must be registered first with the GoDaddy Hosting purchase.

GoDaddy has also recently improved their "Website Tonight" product which includes: Web Site Hosting for a pre-determined number of Web Site pages, many Web Site Templates, some "pre-built" fill in Site Templates to choose from, online easy to use basic Web Site Building Software, and even a online image gallery with over 8,000 free images.

Their "Website Tonight" product has Web Sites sized from an "Economy" sized Web Site of up to 5 pages for $4.49 per month if paid annually, up to a large 999 page Web Site for $11.69 per month if paid annually. This Link has more Info on GoDaddy's "Web Site Tonight:" -- Click and build your very own Web Site online!

If you use GoDaddy, you will probably need to do at least one the free trials of Word Tracker to determine your Site's main and individual page Keyword Phrases, as discussed on our Select Domain Name page. Or you can use the Free but a little limited Google Keyword tool on our Select Domain page above.

You may have to sign up for a Google account if you don't have one already to use the Keyword tool, but the sign-up is easy and free.

Free Business Web Site e-Books & Course Downloads

Free e-Booklet Info Downloads

How about some more
Free Downloads with more information on building your own Business Website with Traffic and free tips for writing great content, attracting interested visitors to your site, and more.

This link goes to a Page of Free Downloadable e-Books with Tips for building Top Traffic Web Sites - some great Free Downloads - toward the bottom of the page that I have found very helpful. (Also See free Netwriting Masters course below.)

Check out this Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool to see if people are searching online for Key Word Phrases you are considering for your nitche Business Web Site Topic. Something to think about if you want Monitizable Traffic Vs just a "Hobby Site."

Get this Wordtracker Keyword Research Guide (Download) for tips on using the WordTracker Keyword tools to pick the best Keywords to use on your Site.

See how regular people built a successful Business Web Site - Case Histories and Success Stories page. Some interesting stories.

Free (now) Netwriting Masters Course

Free Downloadable Netwriting Masters Course. Want to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. First, write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. The *ONLY* course on the Net that shows you how to do BOTH. And it's free right now! (The simplest is to save the download netwritingmasters.pdf file to your desktop so you can view it from there whenever you wish.)

Come back and watch what we create here -- and check for our our new Build a Business Website Cheap and how to select domain name for your site postings!

The list of the pages currently on this Build a Business Website Cheap Site is below. Some of the additional pages to come are in the Link Bar to the left.

Select Domain Name for Your Business Web Site page - The step by step process is explained. See Tips on the very important process of selecting a good "nitche" topic to build the content for your business website.

Our "Reviews" of Top Pick Easy Website Design Software - Easy to learn and use downloadable Free & Cheap Website Building and Page Editing Software

New Protect Your Online Info Page with some Simple Tips to Protect your Online Personal Info and keep your Personal Data Secure + Tips & Links on Protecting your Kids & Teens Security Online + some related Online Security Business Site article links and Tips on Marketing -- NOT Spamming! -- Via Social Networking Sites

How to Build a Business Web Site Cheap Home Page - Free downloadable Business Web Site Building E-books and Articles, Free and cheap building web site software reviews, Business Web Site Hosting Options + Picking Site and Build a Business Website Topic Keyword Tools, Links, Reviews, and Tips.

See other pages to come in Navigation Bar on left.

Gene - links and descriptions for all 3 of our "Picture Enhanced" Vacation Sites Plus our many Picture / Screensaver pages & High Resolution Photos -- easy to remember to come back to any of our US Vacation & Travel Sites!

Thanks for dropping by -- come back and visit us soon to plan how to create your new Affordable Business Website -- or to select domain name or check out our latest Free Download Web Site Tool additions.

Enjoy the site building journey, the destination will come in time. Gene

Our Contact Us link is below - Please send your comments or suggestions -- or share your own Build a Business Web Site Cheap and Cheap Site Hosting Tips. We appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

Use the easy Fill in Contact Me Form on the Sites Contact page link below. (This Web page has Links and Descriptions for all of Gene's US Vacation Guide Web Sites at the top.) We will not share, sell, or spam your e-mail - promise!!!
-- Contact Gene

New Cheap Web Site Hosting - Includes some "Reviews," Info, and Links on our three top picks for Quality Affordable Web Site Hosting Companies and comparisons between Affordable Full Integrated Hosting Packages and Cheap Basic DIY Hosting with add-ons. -- This Page

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