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Easy Website Design Software to build your new Business Site
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All of my recommendations for website building software are in the WYSIWYG category (What You See Is What You Get) These Web Page Editors require a minimal amount of HTML knowledge and actually have a "look and feel" very similar to many word processing programs, which makes for a faster learning curve.

My Free and easy Website Design Software Top Pick - (Now a Tie for # 1)

Our current "tied" favorite easy-to-learn-and-use Free WYSIWYG web page design, building, and editing program is the lastest version of KompoZer. KompoZer is an "open source" program which has been "de-bugged" and enhanced from the prior Nvu web page editor many have probably heard of.

I tested an older Version of KompoZer before recommending it to a small organization that was doing some work for a couple of years ago, and found it to be a very powerful, but yet easy to learn website design software program. It is much more stable than the prior Nvu version I had used before.

The latest upgraded KompoZer Version has been improved even more! It has a much faster learning curve than the very comprehensive $300 Adobe GoLive CS2 that I have been using! (GoLive CS2 is a comprehensive editing program, but has a steep learning curve!)

If I hadn't already purchased and learned to use Adobe CS2, I would probably be using the latest version of the free KompoZer easy website design software or the new 2011 version of CoffeeCup discussed below. (As of 9/28/2011) Others that are now using KompoZer also report that they have found it is easy to learn and use -- (but also check out the $49 easy to learn and use 2011 CoffeeCup Website Design Software below).

You can read extensive Info on and download the free latest version released at - click the "Learn More" Link in the box near the top for details. I would recommend it as fairly easy to learn and use, plus now have trained some users on it. - Read all the Info Tabs -- particularly the "Features" tab.

There is also a helpful Nvu - KompoZer User Forum where you can read tips from other users plus ask questions.

Since the free KompoZer website design software program is "open source," it means that updates will come out as the "group" working on the program finishes them, so don't expect a bunch of e-mails announcing the latest version. Just check back to the KompoZer site every few months to see if there are any new update Versions to download. Updates now seem to be posted every few months at

$49 Website Building Software - a close 2nd pick -- Now a Tie for # 1 !!!

I have also used the free trial 2009 and now also 2011 version of CoffeeCup HTML -"Split-Screen"- "WYSIWYG" Web Page Editor and would rate it a very close second to (now with 2011 version) -- Tie with KompoZer in ease of learning and use + support.

Just recently re-tried out the latest 2011 version of the HTML Editor - Split Screen "WYSIWYG" CoffeeCup Software and was very impressed! -- "Intuitive" to learn and works great, with many features! I may start using it to build my web pages that are hosted at SBI.

It has a number of fairly powerful features (+ several helpful new ones in the 2011 version!) -- plus you get a lot of free templates, gifs, and scripts and free lifetime upgrades with CoffeeCup -- still for the cheap $49 price. CoffeeCup also gets very favorable User Reviews -- including mine! It also has good Tech and Forum Support.

You can read more about the features of the award winning HTML Editor CoffeeCup 2011 Web Design Software with Split-Screen Preview at this link, plus info on their 30 day free trial software download. Easy to use + you have a lot of control over exactly how your Web Pages will look.

You can also look at the very simple to use "Code Free Web Design" Drag and Drop -- What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer. A very "Non-Tech" and easy to use Web Page Builder/Editor.

Notice that CoffeeCup also has a user forum where you can read tips from other users and get help. They also have a page of links to HTML Editor Videos you can watch, plus several helpful articles on using various features of the easy to use CoffeeCup website design software. The CoffeeCup Web Page Editor is definately worth checking out!

The "Block-Building" online Page & Site Building program - free with SBI Hosting

The integrated SBI Hosting package comes with many features other than just Site Hosting. One of those features is recently updated online "You need to know nothing about HTML coding" SBI "Block-builder 2" program. You can use this to create and upload great looking web pages using your choice from a selection of "pre-done" SBI Site Templates. See more on this at this SBI Quicktour Slideshow (Note particularly slide #'s 4 and 5.)

You can start with the "Block-builder 2" and then after a while if you want more page design options, "graduate" to one of the two easy to learn "What You See is What You Get" HTML web page building and editing programs listed above which also work fine with SBI Hosting. This is what I do now. More on the various integrated features of the SBI package at the "Video Shortcut 2 1/2 minute Tour. SBI has excellent and usually fast online e-mail Tech Support plus also great support Via their many Forum topics from other "old timer" SBI users.

I have used the more complex and harder to use Adobe CS2 web page Editor program + also the free "KompoZer" Software to build some web pages that have used with SBI Hosting. Both website design software programs worked fine for this.

Come back and watch what we create here -- and check for our our new Build a Business Website Cheap postings!


Free e-Book Info & Course Downloads

Free Downloads with more information on building your own Business Website with Traffic and free tips for writing great content, getting site traffic, and more.

To a Page of Great Free Downloadable e-Books with Tips for building Top Traffic Web Sites - There are some great Free Downloads toward the bottom of the page that I have found very helpful. (Also See free Netwriting Masters course below.)

You can do it! See how regular people have built a successful Business Web Site - Case Histories and Success Stories page. With a little "BAM" - Brains And Motivation

Free (now) Netwriting Masters Course

Free Downloadable Netwriting Masters Course. Want to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. The *ONLY* course on the Net that shows you how to first, write to PREsell and
then write to SELL. And it's free right now! Easy to view downloadable netwritingmasters.pdf file.

Thanks for dropping by -- come back and visit us soon to plan how to create your new Affordable Business Website -- or to check out our latest Free Download Web Site Building Tool additions.

Contact Us link is below - Please send your comments or suggestions -- or share your own Free, Affordable, or Cheap easy website design software experiences and Info Links. We appreciate your feedback!

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Use the easy Fill in Contact Me Form on the Sites Contact page link below. (This Web page has Links and Descriptions for all of Gene's US Vacation Guide Web Sites at the top.)
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We appreciate your input, so please send your comments or suggestions!
Thanks. Gene

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