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Picking Your Site Domain Name

Finding your Niche - How to Select a Domain Name for your Site - Including Analyzing Keyword Demand & Supply

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Select a Site topic or Niche you are excited about
-- not just a "hot" $$ topic

I mentioned this before on the Home page, but it is worth repeating.

It takes a LOT of work to build a business website you will be proud of -- and that you can "
Monetize." In addition, it is usually several months up to over a year before you start to see enough Site traffic for any net financial income "rewards" for all your work.

So in general, find a topic for your website that you are very interested in and would enjoy researching content for Vs just one that you have heard is a "hot" money-making topic to build a business website for.

It is also important that your Site topic is one that others are interested in and searching the internet for information Via keyword phrase searches since that is what brings your Site "Traffic" from the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live.

Tips Very Important --Allow plenty of time for the selection of your Site Topic & Domain Name!!! -- I didn't on my first Business Site and am now "paying" for the mistake.

You will "live with" your selection of a domain name decision for a LONG time!!! For example, looking back, I now know that the Site Topic for my "Memorable-Beach-Vacations" (MBV) Site is too broad to be able to rank really well with the Search Engines for Key Word searches about the individual geographic areas of Florida, Virginia, and Oregon covered in the Site.

I know now that it would have been better to have done a seperate Site on each of the three beach vacation areas to keep the Site(s) more focused and to be able to more easily rank higher with the Search Engines for Key Word searches on the individual beach area topics. (Hindsight is 20-20.)

You will learn more about this Site main Key word phrase selection process when you read some of the free downloadable articles and e-books listed below on building business websites and how to select domain name for your web site.

Resist the urge to start "Building" right away!

Human nature is such that you are anxious to "get building" and not spend the time doing the needed somewhat tedious research on the "best" Site topic and domain name for your new business Website.

Regarding my MBV Domain Name choice mistake. It would involve a HUGE amount of work for me now to go back and split the MBV site into the seperate vacation niche areas of Florida, Virginia, and Oregon. Plus would have to almost "start over" with the search engines on the three "new" Sites as far as keyword page ranking is concerned.

You can get it right! - don't make my mistake

Tip Tips Learn from my mistake -- take the nessary time to research and refine and really think through the future planning for your main site topic key words and future site areas before you do your Site domain name selection!

Your narrow -- but broad -- niche

You need a site topic that that is a narrow enough niche that you can effectively compete at the search engines and not start out with overwhelming competition for your Site keywords, but yet a broad enough site topic that will "logically" let you add a large number of page "sub topics" under your main site topic as you build your site.

For an already Established Business Name

If you have an already established business name, you obviously cannot change that name so need to purchase your business name in the .com format in both the "all words together" plus "dashed" .com versions. (Eg: (forwards to) Site for any who might type in the name) -- plus as "protection" for the dashed Site name.

Don't worry about the ".net" and ".org" domain name versions unless you "are one" since .com is still reconized as "the" business domain extension to use.

I personally wouldn't even worry about purchasing the more expensive .biz extention of your business name, since if you own the .com version, it is doubtbul if anyone would try to "scavange" any traffic off of your .com domain. If you want to be totally "covered," purchase the .biz version of your business also.

If your business domain name is already taken, you may want to find out a little about who ownes the domain at "" since they may end up being your online "competition." You will still need to do keyword research for the pages on your Business Site other than your home (Business name) page. Those will probably be the pages that actually bring search engine traffic to your site Via keyword searches in your business area.

You still may want to purchase some good researched .com domains that are available for some keyword search phrases that you find are frequently used in your business area. These domains could be used as "forwarding" domains or in possible later Google "AdWord" campaigns. (Eg. our easy to remember and type in: " which forwards to this Site.)

The domains also might end up being used on a "Specalty Site" for some specific "niche" aspect of your business that you want to pursue further. More on that later. At about $7 dollars a year using discount coupon codes, it doesn't hurt to have a few "extra" domains for possible future use.

Wordtracker Keyword Research tool

Wordtracker is head and shoulders above any competition for the best keyword research "Demand" search data. It also has "Competing" keyword data. has a helpful 2 hour free trial period you can use to actually do some research for your Business Web Site domain name. The full use purchase cost is $30 for 2 weeks, $59 for a month, and $299 for a year. (as of 9/24/07) If you know you can devote several hours (a minimum of 8 - 10) to your Site's select domain name plus other main site keywords selection process, the 2-week period will be enough for now. You will have to go back and do some additional (free?) sessons later as you build your site and add web pages which need keyword demand/supply decisions.

Important Tip Tips- To make the most of your free trial or purchased Wordtracker period, first read at least 2 of the articles listed under "Keyword Basics" at the bottom of the home page - your choice of which articles. Plus, important, read the chapter below.

"Picking Powerful Keywords" - good Info!

The "Wordtracker Academy" articles are a bit more technical than you need, I think, however --
Tip Tips DO download and read the excellent "Picking Powerful Keywords" free 24 page chapter from the yellow "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies" book link at the lower right of the Wordtracker Academy page above.

Wordtracker screen shot from their example on the "Tour"
Wordtracker Demo screen shot
The"Count" (Demand) and "Competing" values for the Keyword are primary factors in the "KEI Analysis" score. Higher KEI scores indicate better Keywords for use on your Web Site if they are appropriate for your general site topic. Some of the above would not be used on this "Candy" site.
- The Brainstormer Keyword Research tool discussed below with a screenshot also uses Wordtracker "Demand" data and adds it's own "Real Supply" Competition numbers.


The Yahoo Overture Keyword tool is now outdated data

Note for page 61 (pg 9 of 24) of the "Picking Powerful Keywords' Chapter. The Yahoo "Overture" Keyword statistics tool is no longer being maintained by Yahoo and now only has January 2007 data -- thus it's results get more outdated each month and are also not valid for research on seasonal or very current keyword topics.

Tip Tips Don't miss the section on using Wordtracker which starts on page 64 (12).

The Wordtracker Free Trial

You can do your Site Domain Name research as a series of 2-hour free periods since Wordtracker allows more than one free trial, but you will need to be sure to copy your keyword data to an e-mail or notepad file near the end of each period, as you may(?) have to re-enter it in the next free period to continue working with the keywords you have found to that point -- tedious, but it can be done if you want to save the $30. Be sure to read some of the articles on or the "Picking Powerful Keywords" free book chapter mentioned above before you start since the free time will go fast if you are having to learn as you go.

The Integrated Site Building & Hosting Package of Site Build It (SBI) also has an easy to use version of Wordtracker built into their "Brainstormer" module which is included free with their total "Site Hosting -- plus everything else you need to build and maintain a business web site" package.

I have discovered it takes much less time to research and choose new Site and page topic Keywords with Brainstormer and the other keyword research tools integrated with it than when using Wordtracker directly. See our Cheap Web Site Hosting page for more Information and uses of this SBI "Brainstormer" module.

The Brainstormer help screens are also very good with a lot of Tips for choosing good keywords for your site.

Here is a short "Quick Tour" slide show on he features of the Integrated Site Building and Hosting Package. Or you can choose the more comprensive Video version with examples. (It is what I am using to build this Site and 2 of the 3 vacation sites mentioned before. I have now built the 3rd vacation guide site for over a year using Basic GoDaddy Hosting + one TrafficBlazer add-on for the home page and using Wordtracker and other tools for Keyword research. I may consider transferring that Site to SBI when I find more time to work on it and add more pages.)

This link goes to the online version of the actual full 10-step "Action Guide" that comes with the SBI package so you can skim it over and see more details on the comprehensive Integrated Package -- and the step by step instructions to help you build a successful Business Web Site -- with "Traffic" you can "monitize." -- the final and fun "Ka-ching" part of the process.

Brainstorm-It -- to keep YOUR brain from getting tired!

The "Brainstorm-It" module included with the SBI package includes a very easy to use and powerful version of Wordtracker + some other very helpful Keyword research tools to pick your Site Domain Name and build your own Site's "Master Keyword List."

Picking your Site's Main Concept and registering your Site Domain name are on Step ("Day") 5 of the Action Guide linked to above. The Site Domain Name registration fee is also included in the price, but you are encouraged to select your domain sometime after you have purchased the all-inclusive SBI hosting package -- after you have researched a Site Topic and Keywords using the Brainstorm-it module.

SBI Brainstorm It Screen Shot wth "select domain name" keyword phrase
-- this is a keyword selection for an individual page Vs one for a main Site Topic
Brainstorm-it-screen-shot with "select domain name"
You can see from the "Value Demand" and "Real Supply"(# of competing Sites for Keyword Phrase) columns above why the Keyword phrase "select domain name" has the highest potential "Profitability." -- Which is why it was selected as the keyword for this page! (Notice it is the filename and in the top title.)

- This is NOT Rocket Science! You do not have to be a "Tech" to build a successful Business Web Site if you use the right tools!

Very Full featured Site Hosting + Wordttracker Data and More

See our new Cheap Web Site Hosting page for some Tips on whether to choose a Web Site Hosting company with an Affordable Integrated Package or Very Cheap Basic Business Web Site Hosting with "add-ons" that often are not "Integrated" with the Site Hosting management features.

Cheap "Protection" Domain Names + Free "Parking" & Forwarding has excellent low prices on domain name registrations and offers easy to set up free "forwarding" which is very helpful for the extra dashed, non-dashed, or plural versions of your final domain name choice you will want to buy to "protect" your Site Domain Name from "scavengers."

For example, on this - Site. The "without dashes" Domain  plus the "shortcut" Domain, www.CheapWebsiteTips (both open new window) + and a few others forward to the home page of this Site courtesy of free "parking" and forwarding included with their annual Domain Name Registration fee which is approximately $10 per year. This is unless their domains are on sale or if you have a coupon number, in which case it ia usually $7.49 per year plus the ICANN Fee of 20 cents.

These extra domains are to prevent someone else from setting up a competing Site right "next door" or from "skimming" off traffic from some of the similar names for this Site that people might incorrectly type into their browsers. Those alternate "protective" Domain Names are "parked" cheap at GoDaddy and set to forward to this Site Domain Name. The "forward" to this Site happens so fast you don't even notice it unless you happen to be watching the URL in your browser address box.

The free Google AdWords Keyword tool "summary results"

Google also now has a free very basic AdWords Keyword Tool that can be used to get some very general ideas on keyword Supply and Competition. It is more geared to Advertisers using Google's AdWords system to advertise their Site on Google search results.

It gives you a "Global" and a "Local" Monthly Search Volume Stats number, and uses a bar graph to indicate general Advertiser "Competition." Google uses different searches for their "Supply" data than Wordtracker if you notice differences. Most Web Site Design Experts will tell you to rely on the Wordtracker data as the most accurate representation of the actual WWW searches being made when doing Keyword research, but the Google AdWords tool is free and very easy to use.

The Google graph shown below for example shows "No Data" for "Search Volume" as compared to the 384 searches shown in the Brainstromer data for "select domain name" shown in the Brainstormer screenshot above. (Which uses Wordtracker data for the "Demand" column) But yet Google shows "low" Advertiser competition in the graph.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Screenshot with "select domain name" keyword
Google Adwords Keyword Tool Screenshot for "select domain name"
You may have to sign up for a Google account if you don't have one already to use the tool, but the sign-up is easy and free.

To the Google AdWords Keyword Tool graphic challenge log-in. (See screenshot above) Type in a possible keyword phrase you are interested in for your "to be built" business site. A handy tool for quick general keyword search "Demand" (Searches) and "Supply" (Competition) Info.

Tip Tips Check the "Use synonyms" box to get back a wider variety of suggestions and data when you do your key word searches with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

More Comparisons and "Reviews" to come

More on the differences between "Basic with optional needed add-ons" and "Integrated all-inclusive Package Web Site Hosting" Companies offerings on our upcoming "Cheap Site Hosting" page.

Free Business Web Site e-Books & Course Downloads

Free e-Booklet Info Downloads

How about some more
Free Downloads with more information on building your own Business Website with Traffic and free tips for writing great content, attracting interested visitors to your site, and more.

This link goes to a Page of Free Downloadable e-Books with Tips for building Top Traffic Web Sites - some great Free Downloads - toward the bottom of the page that I have found very helpful. (Also See free Netwriting Masters course below.)

Check out this Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool to see if people are searching online for Key Word Phrases you are considering for your nitche Business Web Site Topic. Something to think about if you want Monitizable Traffic Vs just a "Hobby Site."

Get this Wordtracker Keyword Research Guide (Download) for tips on using the WordTracker Keyword tools to pick the best Keywords to use on your Site.

See how regular people built a successful Business Web Site - Case Histories and Success Stories page. Some interesting stories.

Free (now) Netwriting Masters Course

Free Downloadable Netwriting Masters Course. Want to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. First, write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. The *ONLY* course on the Net that shows you how to do BOTH. And it's free right now! (The simplest is to save the download netwritingmasters.pdf file to your desktop so you can view it from there whenever you wish.)

Come back and watch what we create here -- and check for our our new Build a Business Website Cheap and how to select domain name for your site postings!

The list of the pages currently on this Build a Business Website Cheap Site is below. Some of the additional pages to come are in the Link Bar to the left.

Select Domain Name for Your Business Web Site page - The step by step process is explained. See Tips on the very important process of selecting a good "nitche" topic to build the content for your business website.

New Cheap Web Site Hosting - This page now includes some "Reviews," Info, and Links on our three top picks for Quality Affordable Web Site Hosting Companies and comparisons between Affordable Full Integrated Hosting Packages and Cheap Basic DIY Hosting with add-ons.

Our "Reviews" of Top Pick Easy Website Design Software - Easy to learn and use downloadable Free & Cheap Website Building and Page Editing Software

New Protect Your Online Info Page with some Simple Tips to Protect your Online Personal Info and keep your Personal Data Secure + Tips & Links on Protecting your Kids & Teens Security Online + some related Online Security Business Site article links and Tips on Marketing -- NOT Spamming! -- Via Social Networking Sites

Build a Business Website Cheap Guide Home page - Cheap & Free Download Easy Website Design Software - Cheap but Reliable Website Hosting Companies - Building Site Traffic Tips, and Website Affiliate and Ad income Sources and Tips + Free Web Site Building Software "Reviews" & Tips

Select a good Business Website Domain Name for Your Site page - The important process explained. - This page.

See other pages to come in Navigation Bar on left.

Gene - links and descriptions for all 3 of our "Picture Enhanced" Vacation Sites Plus our many Picture / Screensaver pages & High Resolution Photos -- easy to remember to come back to any of our US Vacation & Travel Sites!

Thanks for dropping by -- come back and visit us soon to plan how to create your new Affordable Business Website -- or to select domain name or check out our latest Free Download Web Site Tool additions.

Enjoy the site building journey, the destination will come in time. Gene

Contact Me link is below - Please send your comments or suggestions. We appreciate your feedback!

To Contact Gene, the Creator of Build-a-Business-Website-Cheap, use the link to the the easy Fill in Contact Me Form below. We will not share, sell, or spam your e-mail - Promise!!! (This Web page has Links and Descriptions for all of Gene's US Vacation Guide Web Sites at the top.)
-- Contact Gene

Please send your comments or suggestions -- or share your own Build a Business Web Site Cheap and how to Select Domain Name Favorite Tips. We appreciate your feedback!
Thanks. Gene

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